Project YH Start.

What is the Project YH ?

This year (2009) is international astronomical year congratulated for First Light of GALIREO of year 400 concerning his telescope.

So I make my mind to make NEW binocular using 250mm dobonian of Backyard Products Co. with Mr.YAMAZAKI. .The Idea of this Project was due to the total eclips of sun at China in August 1. 2008.I didn't go to China and didn't watch eclips.But the almost stuffs of THE STAR FESTIVAL IN HARA-MURA(opening day is always the first Friday of August and I join almost every year with my old friends in other districts) went to China.So the opening day of the 15th Star Fes changed to next week.As a result this change bruoght me the clear night sky and first contact of Mr.YAMAZAKI's binocular using 300mm dobusonian.In spite of the name of Star festival ,the weather was always cloudy at night.So I didt't have a memory of watching stars in HARA-MURA.I think the first friday of August in HARA-MURA must be the special cloudy day. Fortunately last year I could watch the stars all night with many Telescope that gathered from all of Japan.In many telescopes ,I found funny one that I never saw its style. TWIN refrecting telescope ride on the one stage and looked like very Large Binocular.

I asked him
"What is this?".
"This is the binocular of GINJI(the bland name of dobsonian of Japaness company)."
"May I use this one ?"
"Sure. Please use it as you like."
The first impression was "INCREDIBLE !!. I've never seen the Stars like this.So I used that binocular all night long.I brought My Binocular FUJINON EM-SX 150mm×25 for my old friends.But there was no chanse to use it.2 times caliber of 2 telescopes gave me more than 4 times impression. The binocular for which magnification is substitued is also attractive for me .The most attractive was very comfortable while I was watching the stars. I didn't become tired during long time watching and it was the feelings where space walk.
"Where did you buy this binocular ?"
"I made it by myself"
So we began to talk about each other ,about the telescope ,about stars and so on.I managed to get the tour ticket of total eclipseof sun at Japan in 07.22 2009 with my best effort.He also got the ticket of same tour accidentaly.I thuoght this was the fate.

He had a plan to improve his system and sell them.We made a promise to meet at eclips tour and said good by.But I had a plan to meet him again before the tour.He is the main member of Binocular summit that renamed the "SOUBOUE" last year.The first meeting was planned in autumn at AICHI Pref, next to my district.I joined the meeting without contact him.He surprised a little at first but soon remembered me at star fes.He told me the improbe point of his system.The body size is too large for a person who want to carry by oneself.So he tried to change the telescope diameter from 300mm to 250mm and he found good telescope for it.The telescope body is made of FRP that used "Ninja" b(Kasai trading corp) .It has very excellent feature about the ray axis adjustment and carrying.The body is able to divid to two parts and the main mirror is able to put vertically in a car.Fortunatly I got to know the some Ninja Masters at that meeting.I got many information about dobosonian and Ninja 320,400,500 and Mr.Matsumoto's EMS system.That was a great opportunity for me to wake up the interest to the astornomy again.So I dicide to order the binocular of dobsonian to Mr.YAMAZAI..

This is the story why I start this project YH.YH means YAMAZAKI's HANSHABOUENKYOU(japaness ,meaning refrecting telescope).I'll want to open the process and information of this binocular.After We complete this binocular,I'll show you(sorry only in Japan).I'll inform you where I bring it.Please experience this NEW binocular. At the same time if you have a idea or advice about this binocular,please send me the message for making better system.

YOU are also the member of this PROJECT.

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